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We plan your own individual dream house

Whether you like to build a completely new house, or want to adapt a charming old house to your own living requirements, you need a useable concept, and often also a construction permit. In Hungary was built very much nonsense, that the regulations in the technical sense have become very strict. Static, fire protection, sustainable construction and the associated environmental protection plays a very important role. At all an estimably development, were it not for the bureaucracy that is caused at the same time.

In general, it is quite simple to realise in Hungary your own wishes. Really difficult it is only about monuments and in protected villages - which are growing in numbers fast. Here is the realisation of one's own living requirements of the monument protection subordinate. The rest of restrictions arises from the law primarily because of security regulations, such as fire protection, environmental regulations, respect for the privacy of neighbours and other protective provisions. The law will be supplemented by the local development plans - and this one can determine much, or even be quite generally. Today "Close-To-Zero-Energy-Houses" must be built, in both cases of new houses and enlargements.

To implement these rules you need basically permission in all causes, just for new buildings with residential purposes you mostly need to follow the notification procedure. Exempt from the permit requirement are alterations in the interior of the building, renewals on existing buildings, as long as it does not extent the size,  and small buildings, not serving as dwelling (for example a lumber room of not more than 100 m³ volume and 4,50 m ridge height, terrace roofing or swimming pools). After completion of the works you need to apply for use, during this procedure the works will be checked. For both constructions permit and use permit there are public fees, depending on type and the number of buildings and their size, in addition extra fees if the costs of the authorities are not covered by the general fees.
For new residential buildings and enlargement of them, as already mentioned before, there is a special notification requirement. This is applicable for houses of 300 m² (3 229 square feet) or less, monuments are excluded as well - quite rare in combination with new construction, but not impossible: think about a listed barn on the property or an empty lot in a world heritage site. The notification requirement does not mean, however, that the building authority would consider nothing. Accordingly, the documents for notification are identical to those for the permit application - and also the notification needs to be done by an architect. However, the building authority checks only the formal requirements and its compliance with applicable building codes. The main advantage is that you may start the construction after 15 days. That there is no fee for the notification is only a small advantage, because the entire process though the architect is not cheaper, but it is certainly much faster. Who builds quickly is certainly in advantage, because during the first years the notification of use is for free, then an annual fee of 200,000 Ft is due. After ten years the house has to be finished. Once again, it should be mentioned that the notification procedure is only for new residential buildings, everything else, especially changes to or extensions of existing residential buildings remain unchanged in need of complete permission.

Of course, a construction permit is also a cost factor. However, the current punishments are so high now that no one should calculate it as the cheaper option. Who e.g. illegally expands his house has to pay a punishment of Ft 150,000 (about 450, - € / 400,- £) per square meter for it and who demolishes a larger stable without permission must gets a punishment of 100,000 HUF (about 300, - € / 270,- £) per square metre. For every law violation and every type of building there is a special amount of the punishment per square meter. In extreme cases also demolition or reconstruction of the illegally constructed or abandoned building may be required before an application for a construction permit is accepted. A construction, which is not permitted in any case, has always to be demolished. Meanwhile many villages are photographed all around and structural changes are easily provable, not even to mention Google Earth... 

Here again our service starts. Of course we are familiar with the legal provisions and therefore we can obey the needed requirements for a construction permit immediately and can exclude those parts that are according to Hungarian law not allowed. We discuss with you your very personal wishes and make creative suggestions. Our advantage is that we are able to communicate with you in English and more important we understand the housing needs of the foreigner completely - even with the nuances of various nationalities. In close collaboration with a Hungarian architect we create a definite plan, which is suitable to be submitted for approval. This already determines all details of the construction as materials, colours and so on, so all the relevant details needed being discussed with you from the very beginning. In Hungary the application for a construction permission has to be submitted by a registered architect only. Below you find a small selection of our work, the plans show various projects.

Please click on the pictures to show the original size.
View of a new development project in 3 dimensional mode View of a new development project in 3 dimensional mode
Renovation and expansion of an old farmhouse in 3 dimensional mode Renovation and expansion of an old farmhouse in 3 dimensional mode
Inside view of a house in 3 dimensional mode Inside view of a house in 3 dimensional mode
A plan with furniture is for most people better understandable A plan with furniture is for most people better understandable
In this form the plan is ready for the application of the permit* In this form the plan is ready for the application of the permit
Facade-view of the building, initially the existing building* Facade-view of the building, initially the existing building
And now the planned version of the same house* And now the planned version of the same house
Cuts are also needed for approval* Cuts are also needed for approval
* 2013 an electronic application has been introduced, paper plans will vanisch as official documents by phases.
If you need a plan, just get in contact for getting an offer. Even if you have not purchased your house or plot by our office, you are welcome to use this service. Unfortunately Hungary is too large to operate anywhere, so we can only work in the area south of Lake Balaton down to the Croatian border. Just ask us for a non-binding offer.
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Magyar Kúria Building Services Limited with office in Várong, nearby the thermal bath of Igal in Hungary, looks at herself not as real estate agent only, but mostly as service enterprise around the subject real estate, it doesn't matter whether used or for construction of your house or vacation-home, on your own or a by us purchased property, as a vacation-house, or for living there. On behalf a house in the tourist centres, as for example Siófok at Lake Balaton we can offer you your own farmhouse in a for village tourism interesting settlements, or just a townhouse in Kaposvár, Pécs or other towns. We will help you with your cure or vacation and also if you plan to invest between Balaton and Drava, we work for you in the komitats Somogy, Tolna and Baranya. For all questions you can contact our customers service.